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Contrary to the uncertainty, the finishing sector is betting big on creativity, design and innovation, transforming the EXPO REVESTIR 2015 in reference of releases of architecture and construction.

This Tuesday, March 3rd, the 13th edition of EXPO REVESTIR and the INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION were officially opened. Known as the Architecture and Construction Fashion Week, the fair will be held until March 6th, at the Transamérica Expo Center in São Paulo, and is already being considered the most fascinating of all the issues, due to its diversity of attractions, high-level content and trends, not to mention the record of registrations on the website.

The official opening ceremony was attended by the president of the Board of Directors of Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary Ware and Related Products, ANFACER, Edson Gaidzinski Jr .; the superintendent of ANFACER and chairman of EXPO REVESTIR and INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION, Antonio Carlos Kieling, and Lauro Andrade, the executive director of events. Also attending to the cut of the opening ribbon, Heitor Almeida, president of Almeida Ceramics; Michael Gail, owner of Gail Ceramics; Roberto Bauer, vice-president of Siduscon-SP; Claudio Conz, president of Anamaco; Walter Cover, president of Abramat; Carlos Orlando, director of the Saint-Gobain Group; Rafael Cervone, president of Abit; Christiano Braga, executive manager of Apex-Brasil.

After the opening ceremony, organizers, authorities and businessmen present, toured around the pavilions welcoming more than 235 exhibitors and meeting with the public that was already getting familiar with the releases brought to the fair. "The expectation is super positive in terms of business, since it is a fair that moves the entire production chain of construction, in addition to receiving opinion leaders from several countries," says Christiano Braga, of Apex-Brasil.

Promoted by Anfacer, EXPO REVESTIR is already consolidated on the international calendar as one of the main events in the world of solutions in coverings, sanitary ware and kitchen and bathroom fitting. "We are conducting the biggest edition of all time, with a record of visitors and exhibitors, the surprising quality of releases and the uniqueness of the products. EXPO REVESTIR, not by chance, happens at the beginning of the year to stimulate business and set a positive horizon", said Antonio Carlos Kieling.

"The idea is to offer the visitors a unique presential experience, unprecedented and exclusive, besides the exhibition of trends and the product launches", said Lauro Andrade.


More than 235 exhibitors are spread around the 40 thousand square feet of the fair. They are major producers of finish solutions in Brazil and foreign exhibitors coming from Italy, Colombia, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Czech Republic, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany and Israel. "The proof that the industry is heated is that the fair was crowded by the first hour after the opening. Contrary to what is said, the first two months of the year were very satisfactory, because the ceramic market gets the largest booster when you go for a renovation", added Claudio Conz, president of ANAMACO.


Collections that sought inspiration on the elements of nature, presented in different sizes, shapes, colors and textures.

The materials can vary, including the recyclable such as the floor tiles made of the reuse of TV screens, sanitary wares or lamps, as well as products that optimize the use of water. Or even the high tech and high definition coverings.

An infinitude of options available by the more than 235 national and international exhibitors of the 13th edition of EXPO REVESTIR, the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION FASHION WEEK. The event will be held until March 6th, at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo.


With the support of Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), 82 buyers and 18 international journalists from over 30 different countries gathered for a conference on the morning of March 3rd. "EXPO REVESTIR is the largest buyer project of Apex-Brasil. The fair always offers the real possibility of business, because it is the main trend setter even and it is anticipated by all professionals in the construction supply chain. No doubt it is already in the international calendar", says Marcia Gomide, project manager of Apex-Brasil. The prediction is that the fair will receive more than 1,000 international visitors.


The opening ceremony of the first day of the INTERNATIONAL FORUM ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION began with the statement of the President of Anfacer, Antonio Carlos Kieling, who stressed "that the EXPO REVESTIR is the result of successful partnerships over the years and the maturing of the sector". Then, Lívia Pedreira, director of Architecture and Design Unit of Abril Grupo made a brief statement. "Without a doubt, the fair is the largest and best in Latin America and the Forum plays an important role of disseminator of innovative content."

Following, the professionals attended to the speech of the president of the Brazilian Association of Interior Designers, Renata Amaral, opening the ABD panel: "Get to Work! The importance of the Interior Designers according to our partners" The president received Gil Cione, Marilia de Campos and Francisco Veiga Calio. "This is one of ABD's actions along with EXPO REVESTIR to boost the market," she said.

The afternoon went on with the international attractions. Following, it was time for the expected presentation by Dutch designer Tord Boontje who spoke on "The design between industry and crafts". In the lecture, the designer talked about his career and his main current activities ranging from chandeliers to jewelery, and their creative partnerships, such as with fashion designer Alexander McQueen. To illustrate and bring it to the Brazilian reality, Tord presented the Coopa-Roca project, held in Rio de Janeiro. A project that involves crochet pieces and highlights the appreciation of craft technique.

Following the schedule of the Interior Designer's Day, the Editor-in-Chief of Wallpaper* (England), Tony Chambers talked about "The interior design trends". The publisher started the topic saying that Sao Paulo is one of his favorite places in the world.

The English designer Paul Cocksedge continued the afternoon of knowledge with the lecture "Multisensory Creations: exploring the limits of technology". Paul said, at first, that his interventions seek to make people to connect with each other and with the projects."

The designer presented some of his work such as interventions involving light, graphite and copy paper; also the lamp-vase that lights up by placing a flower inside and when it dies, the light turns off. "These works connect things, people and interventions.".

Finally, the designer presented a short play called "The Vamp", which "celebrates the things that bring stories". It is an adapter that, when placed with old speakers, connects them to new technologies as Iphone, Bluetooth, Ipad, among others. "These are products made for people smile", he said.

To close the Interior Designer's Day, the New Talent Award of ABD, recognized the competence of the area. "We had 223 works selected this year, and over a thousand subscribers. This is the opportunity for students to develop their talents. Our goal is to help them in this development, update them and assist in the profession of interior designer", said Renata Amaral, president of ABD. The event ended with the awarding of the winners.

Casa Vogue promotes cocktail to top professionals

The Casa Vogue magazine booth hosted a special cocktail that included the presence of celebrities of the architecture sector. "The fair is really unbeatable. Each year it excels and we at Casa Vogue always try to keep up. In 2015, the magazine turns 40 years-old and we really bet on something different to mark our presence in style", says Taíssa Buesco, the magazine's editorial director. "We take this opportunity to release at the fair the first collection of coverings signed by us", she adds.

PROJETOdesign magazine celebrates 38 years with exhibition and awards

To celebrate the 38 years of its existence, PROJETOdesign magazine promoted a celebratory cocktail and celebrated also in their booth the result of Opera Prima contest. Also, they released the five companies that won the 2015 edition of the Top Brands award. The award is the result of a survey that lasted two years, with architects to assess the most recognized brands of Brazilian architecture.