Coverings: High Technology

With lines that highlight the technology and resistance to high traffic, releases proposed by the exhibitors of EXPO REVESTIR impress by the numerous possibilities for indoor and outdoor areas.

Check out some of the releases that will be present at ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION FASHION WEEK, held between March 1st and 4th at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo. Register now!

Cosentino presents Dekton® Gloss with crystalline brightness

The Cosentino Group launches Dekton® XGloss, the line of polished finish, crystal technology and brightness of ultra-compact Dekton® surface. The covering was accomplished by an advanced mechanical polishing process which provides an extraordinary brightness, light and lens which, combined with Dekton® resistance, make a high performance product.

The line, which is available in 144cm x 320cm format 20 mm and 12mm thick, received by means of nanotechnology, the hydrophobic property (water repellency), creating a resistance to stains, without altering the material properties, and enhance the colors. It also has UV resistance and can be installed indoors and outdoors, both vertically and horizontally (floors, walls, stairs, countertops, walls, coverings etc).

Manufatti: special line of three-dimensional ceramic coverings

Manufatti, that manufactures and sells special coverings and ceramic hollow elements known as cobogós, presents the Geometria Line, that will be launched in five new parts: Pyramid, Spear, Right, Triangle and Diamond. The collection focuses on ceramic and enamelled dimensional coverings with special finishes, in different colors and volume, which comes with a stronger spirit.

100% Brazilian company, the purpose of the collection is to unite beauty, safety and usage versatility, and awaken the senses through the geometric shapes of faceted elements such as triangles, diamonds and hexagons.

Palimanan: ecological bricks that unite aesthetics and functionality

Seeking a line of sustainable products and with little impact on the environment, Palimanan launches the collection of bricks "ECO FRIENDLY". Eco Iberians developed from construction waste, in a value-added and affordable product. There are six shades (Ibiza, Évora, Formentera, Barcelona, Seville and Valencia), ranging from black to red burned, including neutrals, which offers versatility to various projects. With a thickness of only 2 cm, it can be applied both in internal and external areas.

Beaulieu: vinyl flooring for high traffic

Beaulieu shows two lines of vinyl flooring: the Postile - LVT and Polysafe. The first is self-supporting accompanying the adhesive foil. It is suitable for high traffic projects such as commercial establishments. Among the advantages, convenience in installation, which can be performed even if the site is running, and the technology used in the manufacturing process, which gives high strength.

The Polysafe, however, is the homogeneous vinyl flooring of high technology and performance with non-slip properties for heavy traffic areas and at risk for contamination with oil and grease. Also suitable for wet areas, it is ideal for industrial kitchens and bathrooms.