Ceramics: Innovative Finishes, 3d Effects And New Formats

Three-dimensional effects, satin and gloss finishes, as well as collections that emphasize new shapes and geometric themes stand out in releases to be presented at the ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION FASHION WEEK.

Check out some of the releases that will be present at EXPO REVESTIR, held between March 1st and 4th at the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo.

Castelatto launches the Infinity line

Suitable for floors and walls, the Infinity line, launched by Castelatto, explores the design and innovation with nuances and shapes that create unusual visual effect. Inspired by the infinity symbol and produced with different angles that result in a three-dimensional look, the pieces, when intertwined, refer to the design of a beehive. The effect can be exploited in different page layouts.

Porcebras bets in the splendor of modernism and the geometric shapes

Porcebras launches three strong collections. The first is Barcelona, which brings all the splendor of modernism, and was inspired by the traditional hydraulic tiles, a symbol of this artistic movement.

The second line is the Forest, which draws on the geometry and mathematical precision as inspiring elements. The collection refers to the polygons of six sides and consists of a thin and elegant composition of hexagons. The pieces come in format 31.6 cm x 59.2 cm and are available in four different finishes, all cherishing the aesthetic refinement, quality and durability.

The Porcelanosa Antique, the third release, comes with a strong vintage spirit, which reproduces the traditional appearance of hydraulic tiles, matching curved lines, geometric shapes and patterns with floral and vegetable inspiration, with colors Blue and Brown.

Cerâmica Strufaldi: Full HD printing, new formats and special series

The Cerâmica Strufaldi launches a series of collections in which new formats and Full HD Print rescue the various types of wood, natural stone, metal and traditional Portuguese hydraulic tiles.

On the Pedras Naturais series, the highlights are the Grecco HD ceramic tiles, with marble appearance, and Cimix HD with appearance and texture of burned cement, designed for indoor and outdoor walls, in sizes 40 cm x 40 cm.

Alfagrês: lines with a glossy, satin or grit finish

Alfagrês – Arbe Cerâmica has lines that reproduce different surfaces such as wood, patina, threaded wood or geometric patterns with bright, satiny or grit finishes, sizes 31 cm x 31 cm, 45 cm x 45 cm and 31 cm x 60 cm. The focus is on elegance and practicality.